Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm BACK....and better than ever!

I apologize for the extended absence. Most of it was due to school-related obligations...although I must admit I've been chessing it up quite a bit, with great results! Now, I've added a picture of myself and an opponent (my future brother-in-law) playing chess over Thanksgiving! We're playing on my Lord of the Rings chess set...can you guess which one's me?

In other news, I've finished my Christmas shopping already but I'm sorry to admit that I did not purchase a single chess-related item! I sure hope I receive some chess swag this year, however! We've got a little less than 2 weeks until the holiday. Maybe I'll get some good play in with different relatives this year? I have yet to teach my mom how to play! Perhaps I'll endeavor to do so this year!

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