Tuesday, January 26, 2010


It's time for chess!!! Buy it here.


OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS!!! I got (by proxy) a Wii for Christmas (I love it!) and have been bowling and playing baseball ad nauseum!! I mean, I spend WAY less time on the Wii compared to online chess, but you know, sometimes I have to pay attention to my fiancee, who for *some* reason doesn't like to sit quietly and observe my chess genius. Anyhoo, this would be great! I could bring it with me and play with my future brother-in-law, who also enjoys both playing chess and playing Wii!!! :)
PS. My birthday's coming up...


If I could, I would go here: Castle Chess Camp. It's a week-long chess camp at Emory!! Wow! The only thing I need to do is get an official UCSF rating, have the time, and the $$ ($800 for a resident--who wouldn't want a chess-fanatic roomie experience??). Seriously, I want to do this! I hope my summer plans can accommodate the experience!!! *Keeping my fingers crossed*


The breakup has stuck! I have sworn the old table off and my new one has been great! I should have done it sooner--I'm sure my chess score would be much higher by now!


I KNOW!! I wanted to post sooner, trust me. But I have a job this semester--the real world can keep you incredibly busy! Anyway, I'm playing chess RIGHT NOW! And it's going great! You know, I really like playing as white, but the game in which I am currently embroiled is one in which I am playing as black. And it seems to be going well. I continuously have to remind myself to make wise choices and be conscious about my moves. I wonder if chewing gum while playing would help with that? Or, like, playing Mozart in the background?

Thursday, January 14, 2010


As you may be aware, I do much of my online chess playing in the library. I usually sit at one of two tables. Well, unfortunately for me, the computers on the tables I sit at are constantly kicking me off for no reason! But I keep coming back to them. I seriously forget about the problems in the past and keep choosing the same tables...just to be disappointed again! Well, this JUST happened to me in the middle of a REALLY good match that I was winning!! I am SO mad! So, I'm breaking up with those two tables. I have moved on, and here's hoping my new spot treats me better! Good riddance!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I spotted a reference to chess--not just regular chess, but online--in an article about a serial identity thief! Read the excerpt below:
"She stopped showing up at her job as a nursing assistant, spending most of her time playing chess online, escaping into a world that felt orderly, sensible, within her control."
The quote above describes Esther Reed, the "Girl Who Conned the Ivy League," a fascinating, disturbing article. I thought you might be interested--chess itself plays a minor role throughout the story.


I have decided to quit Tweeting, and have deleted my Twitter account. It was fun while it lasted, but ultimately, I need to focus on my chess game.


I have been so busy, with a new job this semester, and two classes. But don't worry, I still have time for chess! In fact, I've been doing quite well recently. I reached an all-time high this month, before fluctuating back down. I have been trying to play people with higher scores, to improve--and to learn something about playing. I recommend trying a game with someone much higher-ranked than oneself--you'll be surprised at how well you can do if you put your mind to it!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I feel a little guilty saying this, but I have to get it off my chest! You by now know about my devotion to chess...but I haven't been forthcoming with my other recreation obsession, MMORPG's. It's like, I totally loved EQ for the longest time...and a good friend (questionable in influence...) has been seriously nagging me to start up with WoW. It's like, I'd love to do it, you know? But as much as I love MMORPG's, I just can't help comparing them to chess. One builds your mind and strengthens your logic. The other...yeah... I don't know. I mean, chess is time-honored and the game of kings. I just feel like my brain cells might suffer. I mean no offense to anyone by this post, but this comparison has been weighing on my mind lately. I think 2010 will be the year of chess for me, and chess might be surpassing MMORPG's in my esteem.