Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I feel a little guilty saying this, but I have to get it off my chest! You by now know about my devotion to chess...but I haven't been forthcoming with my other recreation obsession, MMORPG's. It's like, I totally loved EQ for the longest time...and a good friend (questionable in influence...) has been seriously nagging me to start up with WoW. It's like, I'd love to do it, you know? But as much as I love MMORPG's, I just can't help comparing them to chess. One builds your mind and strengthens your logic. The other...yeah... I don't know. I mean, chess is time-honored and the game of kings. I just feel like my brain cells might suffer. I mean no offense to anyone by this post, but this comparison has been weighing on my mind lately. I think 2010 will be the year of chess for me, and chess might be surpassing MMORPG's in my esteem.


  1. Don't succumb. Be strong, be strong, be strong in the Lord, and be of good courage, for He is your guide...

    In all seriousness, its a waste of life. I would not get involved in that stuff. Besides, you'd look like a huge hypocrite since you helped an anonymous someone through your timely suggestions and derogatory remarks to quit the vast trap of WoW themselves.

    - Anonymous (or am I?)

  2. Anonymous,
    I know where you're coming from, and rest assured that I will not succumb to the temptation. In fact, the only reason I posted on the topic was to elucidate my readers about my own personal struggle with making appropriate gaming choices. I'm sure you can stand by my honesty, if nothing else.

  3. Don't listen to these lies and falsehoods. MMORPGs are a perfectly fun and socially acceptable way to spend one's time. Indeed, they build hand-eye coordination skills and encourage time management in the form of fitting the rest of your life around earning virtual gold. Additionally, I've heard that they reduce once great minds into steaming piles of muck that can only repeat "Me wantz epixxx lootz" over and over again.

    That being said, return to me E and Ren.


  4. Please note that the misspelling of Irenaeus is intentional as the correct spelling was taken by another character.

  5. At a time like this, an apt analogy might be to the Prodigal Son. It is not too late to return my friends. I will put rings (epic ones) on your fingers and shoes (also epic ones) on your feet.


  6. I will not deny the positive attributes of MMORPGs. In fact, I wish I had more time to play them.