Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lost your chessboard?

Here's a creative replacement! LOL...I got the pic here. (I edited it slightly for content)I was wondering about a board to go along with the hardware store chess pieces...also, check the link for directions to playing strip chess if you're into that...this body-chess situation could actually work out--your board could be your opponent if she could see over her endowments. I doubt you'd want to use a man for this, due to the chest hair issue. You could use a sleeping person's back, if they're one of those people who sleep really soundly and still. And don't have their shirt on. But you would need three people, because I highly doubt the ability of a sleeping person to play chess!

Who knew there was more to dating and WoW?

Apparently, there is...see? Right...anyway, this makes me wonder if ladies or gentlemen troll for love interests among their opponents. I'm certainly not looking--and that's definitely not why I play chess. I'm there for the intellectual stimulation! I guess this is the online version of ladies who do their makeup before going to the gym in hopes of snagging a man? Hmm...

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inaugural Giveaway!

Readers, I have decided to hold my first ever giveaway! I appreciate your loyal attention to my ramblings, and want to show my appreciation. But hurry while the goods are hot! One (1) winner will receive one (1) bottle of liquid correction fluid, good for holding the place of a chess piece that has gone missing (a tactic I learned from my fiancee's brother). To enter, send an email, with subject line "Inaugural Giveaway" to, and put your name and mailing address as the contents. The giveaway is open for entries until March 2, when the winner will be randomly selected and announced on the blog! Good luck!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Loving the bookstore!

Y'all, this might sound super-lame or whatevs, but I hang out a LOT in Barnes & Noble. I just love to browse, sip brain-boosting green tea from Starbucks, and soak up the general bookiness that pervades the atmosphere. Anyhoo, they have in-store events sometimes and one of the things I noticed is they hold a chess club on Thursdays! I would like to go, but I'm afraid I'd be, like, the only adult and everyone else would be 12 and I'd feel like a loser. Then again, maybe I could beat them all and build up my self-esteem! I'm thinking about it...not committing yet though!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Soooooooooo Sorry!!!

I just thought this was so funny! (Albeit a little off-color, and I do regret that) Anyway, I'm sorry about my extended absence from the blog. It's nothing personal...I just think my computer has a virus or something, I need to take it to get fixed :( but enjoy this slice of hilarious I found earlier today! Love ya!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Happy Olympics Eve!

It is the eve of the 2010 Olympic Games! As excited as I am to watch, I feel like participating would be fun, too! I mean, I'm not heading up to Vancouver or anything, but you can have your own *intellectual* at-home version of the Olympics, by playing the games listed here. Of course, chess is on is another couch-potato-cum-intellectual-athlete favorite, sudoku! (I confess to playing a small amount of sudoku...although my fiancee enjoys it much more) I haven't played any of the other games on this list, but you know, I'm inspired to try! Happy playing!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Chess Preparation

This is the second (long overdue) installment in my series about how to succeed at chess. So, like, chess tips from me! Anyway, here is what I have to say. Everything is all interconnected and stuff, so your chess success is not solely based on the time you spend playing the game. I mean, practicing helps...but you can do things outside of playing that benefit your game. For example, you should probably drink some green tea, like two cups a day. And definitely take fish oil supplements. These two additions to your diet will enhance your mental fitness. Additionally, I recommend getting some exercise to get the blood circulating really well. Take care of your body and it will help your mind--ultimately enhancing your chess game! More wisdom to come...

Brighten up your winter days!

Hi there! The winter doldrums have been getting to me lately, and there's not much I can do about it. But I found something that might just keep me occupied long enough to distract me! How about making your own chess set from nuts and bolts (which cost, like 10¢ each)? Here is a link for you! You can even go with a color scheme of brights, like turquoise, lime, and tangerine--perfect summery colors to brighten your day! There aren't instructions, but I think you could figure it out. Here is a little help. The chess set pictured was created by Julia Suits, whose flickr photostream provided the image. You can read how she came up with the idea--a wonderful example of chess inspiration! Chess-spiration! :)

The Olympics are coming!

This Friday, readers, the 2010 Olympics will officially begin! My awareness of this fact has been enhanced by the number and frequency of Olympics-themed TV commercials. I bring this up to draw your attention to the debate about whether chess should become part of the Olympics. I definitely think it should! Here is a link to a post from Alexandra Kosteniuk's blog in which she explains her position about the topic. Happy reading! :)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


I spoke in haste, reader. My score is now 1250! A great way to start the weekend!

Higher than ever!!!!

You GUYS!!!! Guess what? My score is at a new all-time high and I am no longer reticent to reveal it to y'all! 1241, baby! That's MCCXLI in Roman Numerals, y'all. That's right, I've been on a T-E-A-R through the virtual chess boards of! Here I go again...

Tip-off to fun new blog reads!

During my virtual perambulations, I wandered across some fascinating blogs, "My Chess Pieces Blog," "hardcore pawnography," and "Lousy@Chess," and they're each worth a read! I thought I'd share with all y'all!
P.S. I might start going by "Tor" for short.

MMORPGs & Dating (and online chess, of course!)

You must go view this article! It's dating advice...from WoW players! Now, this is more MMORPG-oriented than chess-oriented...but I think some portions of the article are definitely apropos to my experience with online chess.

For example...

What has World of Warcraft taught you about dating?
A few polite words can go a long way. Also, people who spend a lot of time in front of the computer tend to have excellent imaginations — the brain is our most powerful sexual organ.

Titillating, I'm sure you agree! And I certainly acknowledge that online chess, too, is quite mentally stimulating--you'll have to ask my fiancee whether it has enhanced my appeal--also of note from the article is that the gamers interviewed suggested a little healthy [WoW] competition is beneficial for a relationship. Assuredly, chess competition would be beneficial as well! My case to convert my fiancee to a chess player is growing ever-stronger. If you already own a chess set, it's cheaper than couples therapy! Not that we need it, you know. But it certainly couldn't hurt!
Game on!


I have tired of the incessant red-and-black look of the blog and have resultingly made some changes more to my taste. Also, I updated the font to give the blog a more computer chess theme.


This infographic (which I originally found on, but apparently originated from offers a rich analysis of the state of the Internet today. (You can click the picture slightly to enlarge, and the link to see it full-sized) The information contained within is a valuable data set, if you ask me, and it has special relevance to my role as a blogger, a member of the blogosphere, as it were...I count myself among the 7% of bloggers ages 18-24, and as for my style, I would say the two adjectives(from their choices)that best describe me are "confessional" and "honest." Feel free to disagree, I guess...but I certainly wouldn't count myself as "journalistic," "expert," "snarky," or "humorous." Well, maybe a little of the last. I hope.


My score reached an all-time high the other day! I don't particularly care to say what it was (you can find out if you are on but it was totally respectable, not deficient or anything. I just thought you should know.


Hello Readers,
Suffice it to say, my surname is not related to chess or anything. In fact, this post has nothing to do with chess. But you know Benicio del Toro, right? What a totally awesome surname! I think I could adopt it to add some cachet to my chess pseudonym. My chesseudonym. Ha ha ha! Because I'm "Torero," get it? LOLZ!
Love ya,
Torero (del Toro)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Turns out, Torera is a word! And it means what I thought it did, a female matador. So unless it's been claimed, it's up for the taking (*looking at future wife knowingly*)!! Yeah...

Monday, February 1, 2010


Did you know..."Chesscapades" was my fiancee's idea? What a great idea! Of course, playing chess online all the time was my idea...but the blog was a stroke of genius on her part. Now maybe I'll convince her to take up the playing of the online chess. She could call herself Torera. If that's a word. Is that a word? IDK.