Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Inaugural Giveaway!

Readers, I have decided to hold my first ever giveaway! I appreciate your loyal attention to my ramblings, and want to show my appreciation. But hurry while the goods are hot! One (1) winner will receive one (1) bottle of liquid correction fluid, good for holding the place of a chess piece that has gone missing (a tactic I learned from my fiancee's brother). To enter, send an email, with subject line "Inaugural Giveaway" to toreroplayschess@gmail.com, and put your name and mailing address as the contents. The giveaway is open for entries until March 2, when the winner will be randomly selected and announced on the blog! Good luck!


  1. How many entries have you received for giveaway?

  2. and the mini-chess feature doesn't work that well--or, for that matter, at all. I say scrap it; or get a new one. This one is all advertisement laden to the point of being cumbersome.

  3. Anonymous #1:
    The information about the contest is confidential until March 2, when the winner will be selected randomly. Entries are still open and if you have not yet entered, please do. Good luck!

    Anonymous #2:
    1. It does work
    2. Those are not advertisements, they are games. To challenge your mind. I'm not sure what is "not working" about it but maybe you're having a problem with your browser. Try switching and seeing if it works then.

  4. 1. Is the anonymous poster concerned about the number of entries serious? That is the whole point of a blind drawing.

    2. I think the advertisements pop up if you put your pointer over the ad thing in the bottom right of mini-chess. Mini-chess can be kind of finicky too.

    3. Is there any possible way we can change the free give-away to say a 1-month gamer pass to the MMORPG of one's choice?


  5. Ireneaus,
    1. Exactly...I'm not sure if he/she was concerned about their chances for winning?
    2. That is sad. If I get a lot of complaints, I'll consider removing it. But I like mini-chess because the colors go with the blog!
    3. I will certainly take keep your suggestion in mind but it would be unfair to those who have entered hoping to win a teeny-tiny bottle of liquid correction fluid. Maybe a future giveaway. Would you like to sponsor it and donate the prize? I'd certainly welcome it!