Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lost your chessboard?

Here's a creative replacement! LOL...I got the pic here. (I edited it slightly for content)I was wondering about a board to go along with the hardware store chess pieces...also, check the link for directions to playing strip chess if you're into that...this body-chess situation could actually work out--your board could be your opponent if she could see over her endowments. I doubt you'd want to use a man for this, due to the chest hair issue. You could use a sleeping person's back, if they're one of those people who sleep really soundly and still. And don't have their shirt on. But you would need three people, because I highly doubt the ability of a sleeping person to play chess!


  1. Your posts are entertaining. I wish more followers would comment so we could have a chess discussion.

    Also, the daily puzzle feature does not really work.

  2. Thank you, reader. I agree that more comments would spark a greater volume of discussion, but I suppose this presents me with a challenge--to post more thought-provoking (and comment-provoking) material.
    The daily puzzle does work. Maybe you don't work. Just kidding. Try switching browsers.

  3. The chess puzzle is working perfectly for me in Internet Explorer 8. You do have a really great chess blog, spiced in with lots of witty and interesting things.

    P.S. Why did you edit it slightly for content?

  4. Ireneaus,
    I'm glad the puzzle works for you and I appreciate your compliments. To answer your question, I removed an errant nipple because this is a family-friendly blog up in here!