Thursday, February 18, 2010

Loving the bookstore!

Y'all, this might sound super-lame or whatevs, but I hang out a LOT in Barnes & Noble. I just love to browse, sip brain-boosting green tea from Starbucks, and soak up the general bookiness that pervades the atmosphere. Anyhoo, they have in-store events sometimes and one of the things I noticed is they hold a chess club on Thursdays! I would like to go, but I'm afraid I'd be, like, the only adult and everyone else would be 12 and I'd feel like a loser. Then again, maybe I could beat them all and build up my self-esteem! I'm thinking about it...not committing yet though!


  1. I feel you and I wish I had a chess club like that!

  2. Maybe you can start one! I'm tempted by that prospect myself. A chess league...