Thursday, February 25, 2010

Who knew there was more to dating and WoW?

Apparently, there is...see? Right...anyway, this makes me wonder if ladies or gentlemen troll for love interests among their opponents. I'm certainly not looking--and that's definitely not why I play chess. I'm there for the intellectual stimulation! I guess this is the online version of ladies who do their makeup before going to the gym in hopes of snagging a man? Hmm...


  1. I love your ability to find posts like these. Many thanks Torero. I wonder if you could change this from a chess blog to a chess/MMORPG comparative or cooperative blog? Maybe a haven for fans of all online strategy games?

  2. Ireneaus,
    Never let it be said that I do not recognize the inherent linkage among games, be they ancient games of logic like chess, or new-fangled whatchama-RPG situations. I like your ingenuity, but I'm not willing to commit to a complete reconceptualization of Chesscapades. If, however, you start a blog like the one you described, I would be utterly fascinated to read it.