Monday, March 1, 2010

Random Chess Sighting, this time, online!

I was looking at the different online chess sites tonight--don't get me wrong, I LOVE out of curiosity, when I saw that Nabisco (?) has a game section of their website, and one of the available games is chess! Pretty random, I thought! Well, I played a game, and let me tell you--the graphics are kind of awesome! It's a little more 3-D in style, so you feel more like you're at a chess board. You're playing with another person, but you can only chat with them using pre-selected messages like "oops!" "good job!" and "are you still there," among others. So I wouldn't say it's a great chess destination, I would say, if your work blocks, try the Nabisco version. Or if you want a chess game that matches, like, your Saltines and Ritz Crackers, go for it!


  1. I agree this is pretty cool. Also call me back. Thanks.

  2. Uhhhh, yeah! Thanks for reading!